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As seen on fleamarketfunk.com, November 15th, 2019

Today we have some goodness out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and yes we are talking about Texas. The Bastards of Soul, who have played together in one form or another for the last few years, have put together this wonderful side project of soul. Comprised of musicians who have played with Don Henley, The King Bucks, a slew of touring cover bands (Captain and Camille, Sister & Mur, etc.), plus other pro musicians, they have all come together like some homemade Frito pie and given us two sides of really great modern soul. You can hear the influences, and those, along with their original Texas sound will make your day whether you’re a soul lover or not. “The Way It Should Be” is the sweetest piece of Tejas soul that reminds us of some Muscle Shoals that meets Memphis via Chicago. Smooth vocals, sweet horns, and a backbeat that holds steady so the lyrics summon you right in like he’s asking his girl to come over in those very lyrics. It’s soul through and through. Complete with a down-home guitar solo, this really is the way it should be. The flip, “Waiting Time” goes the even silkier route. Starting off with some very smooth guitar and vocals, the track folds right into a straight-up soul lovefest from the get-go. A slow burner, it’s got that sound that makes you want to shrug your shoulders a bit, tilt your head, and move right in the seat you’re sitting in. The waiting time is over: The Bastards of Soul are here.



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